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IANTEX industries always take great care in the Towels on modern lines and make it ensure to fulfils the customers/buyers requirement as per specification for this purpose we have upgraded the system by installing / introducing new machine of the latest technology to meet the requirement of the market, specially in the sector of Weaving, Dyeing, Bleaching and Stitching. Our highly qualified analyzer and trained staff gives an edge for the highest quality of our products and ensures the quality and processing as per international standard.
Products Range
Barmops Shop Towel
Bath Towel Kitchen Towel
Blanket Glass Towel
Detailing Towel Hand Towel
Flannerl Terry Towels
Full Terry Terry Towel Roll
Jumbo Towel Terry Towel(Snt)
Pool Towel blue Wash Cloth
Pool Towel golden  
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